From Your Basement Speakers

by Detour North

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released August 16, 2012

All songs written by Detour North.
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Roye Robley at RR Studios, Hammond, IN



all rights reserved


Detour North

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Track Name: Catapult
So get me out this boring town.
'Cause I'm so sick of being down.
Track Name: Quit Doggin' It
You don't even know you're about to cross the line
from loving someone to being completely obsessed with them.
Maybe I can't take it, but I'll let it go.
But after once you'd think she'd learn.
But did she? No. She didn't know

My eyes are bleeding from staring at you
and I just can't seem to rip them away.
I wake up screaming, but I'm not dreaming
I just can't look away.

Are we crying on bedsheets or lying on tissues?
I'm trying to spread heat by lying about you.
Considering nothing, there's nothing I won't do.
But right in front of me, you'll just continue.

And soon you'll see, that I'm just me.

And I am going home now.
And you feel so alone now.
But maybe that's all that I wanted
Or maybe you're just sick of me.
Now listen to the meaningless poet sing

I'm watching you from the next seat
But your lips look so good when they're pressed on his
And you don't think I know that you lie through your teeth
So he probably tastes it, oh how can he stand it?
Track Name: Shin Splints And Side Stitches
I'm not used to doing this.
Can you walk me through it?
It almost hurts to push it out.
And perseverance is not a hobby of mine,
but its fine. I'm trying. I'm buying
time from a vending machine.
And I'm starting to see the difference.
You knew I'd be scared if you ran away,
But you didn't care, you went anyway.
Now you're just a name scribbled on a bathroom stall
I hope you keep on running till you hit a wall.
Consider this a loan, 'cause I'm expecting some "payback"
Consider this alone because it won't ever happen.
'Cause I fill in the sidelines, and I feel it inside me.
I'm feeling faded, but I can't say I hate it.

Shin splints and side stitches can't compare to this.
I know you've been through hell, but you know you're so full of
Shin splints and side stitches can't compare to this.
I know you've been through hell, but you know you're full of yourself.

I'll sing it back to you again,
'cause you're so conceited,
you didn't hear a damn word I said.
And I shouldn't even have to repeat myself
You're cutting off all circulation,
but my determination's
more than you give me credit for.
So much inside that I lied about everything.
Maybe I tried, but I'm fine without anything.
Keep it all to yourself, 'cause its bad for your health
I know you'll choke and die and go straight down to hell.
I'm so sick of being down.
[To everyone with s*** against us:
Don't you know that you can't touch us?
You can try but you won't break us.
It might hurt but we don't care 'cause...]

But you know you're full of yourself.
Track Name: I Don't Have Friends, I Have Brothers (Feat. Kevin Mackowicz of The Brave Day)
It doesn't make any sense to me.
Fake s*** is all I ever see,
And all these sick, scene, teenage girls
are nothing more than:
Makeup and push-up bras
that fake depth and make-believe.
Are you as tired of cycles as I am,
when everyday feels like the last ten?

My head hurts and my heart is sore.
Growing up never seemed so hard before.

And all we want is to bring
meaning to you through your basement speakers.
Yeah, all we want is to bring
meaning to you through your basement speakers.
Yeah, all we want.

And I'm not complaining,
I'm just contemplating
maybe leaving this town tonight,
'cause I'm feeling low.
Yeah, I'm feeling like more garbage than the
Northwest Indiana metal scene.
And that's saying something.
Yeah, that's saying something.

And I'm not trying to make you sad.
I just need you to understand.
And get me out this boring town
'Cause I'm so sick of being down.